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Comment S’Habiller pour un Concert de Rock ?

How to Dress for a Rock Concert?

You don't have to wear anything for the next concert of your favorite rock band ?! This is probably not your first concert. But this time you want to wear a stylish and practical rock look without freezing or burning out. Not forgetting the jostling, beer splashes, sweat, etc. Look stylish at a rock concert, make the most of it and keep great memories of it, you can't improvise. Hence the fateful question: how to dress for a rock concert?

How to Dress for a Rock Concert?

Rock concert: where, when and how?

Indoor or outdoor

Your concert outfit will depend on the location of the concert:

  • outdoor concert: check the weather and temperatures to choose a look suitable for cold or heat.
  • indoor concert: plan to be hot, especially in the pit.

Tireless groupie in the pit or placed in the stands?

You don't want to suffer for 2 hours because of leather shoes that are too tight or heels that are too high? Especially after waiting in line for long hours and jockeying for the best seat at the foot of the stage.

How to Dress for a Rock Concert?In the pit, choose the comfort of flat shoes with thick soles that are safe. And closed to avoid getting your toes crushed. Other fans may push, shove, and jump on your feet. Keep your beautiful leather shoes warm in your wardrobe and opt for a good pair of low-top sneakers.

Are you small and afraid of not seeing anything because of the 2 meter giant standing in front of you? Opt for platforms or creepers to gain a few centimeters without risking twisting your ankle. If you're really determined to wear heels, choose chunky heels that are comfortable and stable so you can jump like crazy to guitar riffs and drum solos.

Are you watching the concert from the stands? The choice of shoes is wider. A little advice for winter outdoors: choose fur-lined shoes and boots to avoid the risk of freezing on the spot.

Do you control your future environment? Great, let's move on to practical advice.

How to dress for a rock concert?

What style of rock will you listen to? Your outfit will be different for a metal, glam rock, alternative rock or pop rock concert. Adapt the tips below according to the trend.

The rocker's outfit

How to Dress for a Rock Concert?

The timeless basic look is of course the slim fit with a rock t-shirt and a perfecto or an oversized denim jacket. When it comes to shoes, creepers, platforms and Dr. Martens are the queens of the concerts. A rock sweatshirt is also welcome in winter to protect yourself from the cold and the rain without having to carry an umbrella.

The rocker refines her style with accessories like a studded bag, rock jewelry, black makeup and an offbeat hairstyle. Take advantage of this event to let loose on your style for one day.

In summer, you can opt for a dress, skirt or shorts, of normal or mini length. Shorts are recommended in the pit to limit the incursions of wandering hands under short skirts and dresses.

Warning: think about the coolness of the night in summer. A long skirt or a long dress lined with a perfecto or a jacket will prevent you from being cold, especially if you are in the stands. Or, fishnet or thin black tights if you really want the mini skirt/dress.

How to Dress for a Rock Concert?

In winter, consider lining your slim jeans with thick tights or leggings and wear thick shoes so you don't get cold in a 5-minute queue at the entrance.

Style precision: the rock t-shirt or tank top with the image of the rock group is recommended for hard rock or metal concerts. However, it is not heresy to treat yourself with another style of t-shirt: patterned, printed or plain.

The rocker's outfit

How to Dress for a Rock Concert?

The sober and classy rocker wears a white t-shirt, a perfecto or leather jacket and jeans or slim jeans. As for shoes, choose Converse or comfortable sneakers. Leather ankle boots are reserved for seats in the stands, where they do not fear being trampled.

Then, adapt this basic look to your own style: plaid shirt, oversized tank top with the group's image, printed rock t-shirt, dandy jacket... Everything is possible at a rock concert!

How to Dress for a Rock Concert?

Don't forget thick socks and hooded sweatshirt in winter to protect you from the cold and the rain while keeping a cool attitude.

Did you like this article?

Did these rock look ideas for your next concert adapted to the context of the venue and musical style help you with your shopping list?

A little insider rocker tip: prepare your outfit the day before the concert. Because in the morning, you will be so excited that you will probably have forgotten everything. Especially if you are going to stand around in front of the hall or stadium all day to get the best seats. Better be ready to enjoy it to the fullest.

Let There Be Rock, my friends!

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