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Qu’est-ce que le style rock ?

What is rock style?

"Discover rock style for men, much more than a simple clothing trend, it is a true philosophy of life. Explore the diverse and varied influences of rock style, from rebellion to freedom of expression. Learn how Famous rock groups have adopted and influenced this style. Whether you're in Britain or the United States, discover how rock style is expressed through fashion and culture. Embracing rock style is so much more that choosing an outfit is adopting an attitude, a way of life.”

In this article, we will explore the world of rock style in depth. More than just an outfit, it is a real philosophy of life and an alternative to the norm.

What is rock style?

What is rock style for men?

The term "rock" has been so overused in recent years that we don't think we can clearly define it.

If you sat down and put your head in your hands, trying to think clearly about what it is and the style that goes with it, what would come to mind?

Certainly a whole bunch of different images, at least stylistically: from the image that rockers have in the media to your favorite rock bands. The pre-hippie style, the Ramones' holey clothes, Peter Gabriel's tights, Jeans Dean's fanny pack.

All of this, in the end, creates a broad spectrum in which a person finds more or less what they are looking for clothing, but we are not necessarily further along.
More than a rock style, it's a way of life

The only common point between all these styles is rebellion, the desire to burn everything or almost everything, to forget all the codes of the previous generation.

Well, in terms of numbers, all the big bands these days started like this: even the Beatles, including the bowl cuts and suits, which these days look as classic and old-fashioned as they always are worn today.

However, the rage of English Fashions in the sixties was a rejection of the block of the previous decade: chalk temples and carefully plated locks, loose high-waisted pants, long skirts, flat heels, and curves " music” like the Twist, which is now completely out of fashion.

In Britain, even the lower middle class has ingrained classicism in its genes, as much as five o'clock tea and an island mentality.

In the United States, it's a different story, with a more marked workwear heritage.

This is how the same generation, in two countries driven by the same spirit of change, was able to be on one side of the Atlantic for lovers of black motorcycle jackets and, above all, some of these fitted suits or tops. shaved with suspenders and turtlenecks.

Be consistent with your clothes
The bad boy style, the style of people who desperately pursue passion, is the style that every man dreams of, but if you don't have the lifestyle to match, that style will be bland and uninteresting. Much has been said about it, but style is not necessarily that of dressing well – well, that obviously helps to dress well – but above all it is an attitude. The most prominent example around us is Régis Dajczman, the creator of Dajczman. When someone like this makes up their own song and lights up the room, no one thinks it's weird when they try on a black shirt. or walks around the office in leather pants on Monday morning (which is really cool, btw).

Rick Owens often likes to say that the mind is the body's first garment and the body is a person's first garment. This is especially true when you adopt a "rebellious" style, which goes against most of what you learn and eat.

For example: Do you want to dress like a British academic? Persol round glasses, tweed suit and big waistcoat, especially Yeats. Do you like the curtains, raw materials and asymmetry of fashion designer Gothic Ninja? He started with a combat sport and became interested in Japanese architects and Shinto philosophy. A piece of clothing always has a connotation, it carries some kind of heritage deeply rooted in people's hearts, if you don't reflect this kind of heritage, others will always lag behind in your perception of yourself.
What is rock style?

How to adopt rock style for men?

Rock style is a vague and subjective concept, which brings together diverse and varied influences. There is no single way to dress rock, but rather a multitude of trends and trends, which reflect the rebellious and creative spirit of rock music.

Whether you're a fan of rock'n'roll, punk, glam, grunge or metal, you're bound to find pieces that suit you and express your personality. Rock style is above all an attitude, a way of life, a way of standing out and asserting oneself.

At CLOOK, we offer you a selection of clothing and accessories inspired by rock style, which will allow you to create original and trendy looks, without falling into cliché or disguise.

What are the key elements of rock style?

The rock style is based on a few timeless basics, which can be combined with each other or with other more classic or modern pieces. Here are the rock style essentials for men:

  • The black leather jacket : it is the emblematic piece of rock style, which brings a touch of character and virility to any outfit. It can be worn with jeans or suit pants, depending on the desired effect.
  • Raw or faded jeans : it is the ideal companion to the leather jacket, which forms a timeless and effective duo. Jeans can be slim, tight, straight or wide, depending on your body shape and preference. It can also be holed, torn, worn or customized, for a more rock'n'roll look.
  • The checked shirt : this is another classic of the rock style, which recalls grunge and folk influences. It can be worn open over a t-shirt, or closed and tucked into jeans, for a more polished style.
  • The black or white t-shirt : it is the simplest and most versatile piece of rock style, which goes with everything. It can be plain, or printed with the logo or name of your favorite rock group, to show your passion.
  • Leather boots : it is the final touch of the rock style, which completes the look and ensures good support for the foot. They can be flat or with heels, laced or zipped, studded or simple, depending on your taste.
  • The accessories : it's the details that make the difference and personalize your rock style. You can opt for a leather belt, a woolen scarf, a felt hat, sunglasses, leather or metal bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings, etc.

How to be consistent with your rock style?

Rock style is not just about clothes, but also about behavior and culture. To be credible and authentic, your rock style must correspond to your lifestyle, your musical tastes, your values ​​and your beliefs.

If you like the rock style, but you don't listen to rock music, you don't go to rock places, or you don't share the rock spirit, you risk appearing ridiculous or superficial.

The rock style is a way of expressing oneself, of liberating oneself, of revolting, of having fun, of creating, of living. We must therefore assume it fully, without fear of the gaze of others, without compromise, without limits.

At CLOOK, we support you in your quest for rock style, offering you advice, inspiration, quality products and impeccable service. Join us on our site, our blog, our social networks, and discover the rock universe of CLOOK!

In conclusion, rock style is much more than just a clothing trend. It is a true philosophy of life, a form of rebellion against established norms. This style, which has been adopted by many famous rock groups, is marked by great diversity, ranging from the Ramones' holey clothes to Peter Gabriel's tights. Despite this diversity, the rock style remains associated with a desire to break with the codes of the previous generation. Whether in Britain or the United States, rock style has always been a way of expressing a certain form of rebellion and freedom. So, adopting the rock style is much more than choosing an outfit, it's adopting an attitude, a way of life.

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