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Style Rock Femme: les 7 Must Have de la Rockeuse Moderne

Women's Rock Style: the 7 Must Haves of the Modern Rocker

  • Le style rock femme : un look rebelle, audacieux et tendance qui se décline en plusieurs variantes selon vos envies et votre personnalité.
  • Les 7 must have de la rockeuse moderne : des pièces indispensables pour composer votre tenue rock, comme le perfecto, le jean slim, les boots, le t-shirt à message, les accessoires, le maquillage et la coiffure.
  • Comment porter le style rock femme : des conseils et des exemples pour associer les différentes pièces entre elles et créer des looks rock adaptés à chaque occasion, que ce soit pour le bureau, le week-end ou une soirée.
  • Où trouver le style rock femme : des bonnes adresses et des marques de référence pour shopper votre garde-robe rock, comme Zara, Mango, Asos, H&M, etc.



Are you looking to create your rock, sexy, rebellious and chic style ? Your rock clothes reveal your free spirit, your daring personality and your sartorial independence. In total look or in touches, here are 7 rock clothes to include in your wardrobe to create a rock style for women that rocks !

1. The leather perfecto: the timeless

The perfecto is a short leather jacket, with a fitted cut, equipped with numerous metallic details (zips, snaps) at the asymmetrical opening. If you only have to buy one piece of rock clothing for women, it's undoubtedly a quality leather perfecto that will acquire a patina over time.

The black, burgundy or red rock perfecto contrasts wonderfully with a floral print dress, a simple white t-shirt, denim jeans, a tulle skirt or suede boots.

Women's Rock Style: the 7 Must Haves of the Modern Rocker

Black leather perfecto and ruffled floral dress: a 100% successful glam rock chic style! (Image: Pinterest)

To be warm in a perfecto in winter , it is better to choose a size larger and wear a wool sweater or a women's rock sweatshirt , hooded or not for a casual chic rock look .

Women's Rock Style: the 7 Must Haves of the Modern Rocker

Warm in a quirky rock look (Image: Pinterest)

2. The rock t-shirt: the essential for women's rock style

How to wear a rock t-shirt for women ? Opt for a round neck if you have a small chest or a V-neck to refine a more generous chest. The fitted cut is ideal for highlighting your bust. Mark the modernity by tucking the front of your t-shirt into your jeans, pants or skirt (test depending on the size of your little belly).

What do you think of this rock look idea: a rock t-shirt with a musical motif tucked into a leather pencil skirt, combined with a nonchalantly open perfecto and black boots. The recipe for an ultra trendy semi-chic look...

The fitted “music” print rock t-shirt can be worn tucked into a skirt, shorts or pants for a modern rocker look (Image: CLOOK)

In rockabilly chic style , your rock print t-shirt complements a short pleated checkered trapeze skirt and high socks, two classics of student style.

The extra tip : alternate with a loose bohemian blouse, a beautiful knit or even a floral or matte black shirt.

Discover the entire collection of 100% organic cotton rock t-shirts for women from CLOOK .

3. The little black dress: a must have

For a glamorous chic look , the little black dress with lace or leather insert is a must. Straight or tight, whether the top is a bustier, a Bardot neckline or a V neckline, choose a model that rocks with surprising little details.

Women's Rock Style: the 7 Must Haves of the Modern Rocker

Sober and ultra-effective rock chic look with this burgundy perfecto worn over a straight black dress (Image: Pinterest)

The black skater dress balances the narrow shoulders and camouflages the slightly wide hips, as well as a little bosom that is a little too plump. The straight cut is suitable for body types without a defined waist.

To accessorize a little black dress in a feminine rock style, opt for a pair of black or colored leather boots or ankle boots, the perfecto or the blazer. Or white sneakers for a practical everyday casual outfit.

Avoid the total black look which ages and accentuates dark circles (in addition to giving a depressed look). Bring shine or color with pretty jewelry near the face (earrings, necklace) and on your accessories (belt, bag, shoes).

4. Slim or skinny jeans: modern and stylish

Black or navy blue jeans are your best allies for a casual, everyday rock look. Comfortable and slimming, the slim and skinny jeans update a casual outfit that is certainly rock but sometimes a little basic/déjà vu.

Women's Rock Style: the 7 Must Haves of the Modern Rocker

Successful shift in this rock look between the light black destroyed skinny jeans and the impeccable red perfecto, the pumps and the chic accessories (Image: Pinterest)

In winter, the pants double as tights or thick leggings inside. Your thighs and legs look firmer! In summer, destroyed jeans have been a trend for several years, just like denim shorts and short skirts.

Good to know: for more modernity, the t-shirt fits into the high-waisted pants/jeans.

5. The long blazer: play of contrasts

The blazer brings a little glam chic touch to your rock outfit. We prefer it long to differentiate itself from the overly preppy suit jacket. In addition, it better hides slightly wide hips or, on the contrary, widens a slightly narrow pelvis (V-shaped morphology). This jacket is ideal for lunch, a meeting or a walk. In addition, its vertical lines refine the silhouette. Always good to take ;)

Women's Rock Style: the 7 Must Haves of the Modern Rocker

Rock chic dress code with a long blazer over a rock print t-shirt: from the office to the evening, we say yes! (Image: Pinterest)

Sneakers, boots, pumps, derbies, ballerinas... all the shoes go well with the blazer without any fashion faux pas.

6. Boots: essential

What would a rock look be without sublime leather boots?! Boots, ankle boots, riding boots, cowboy boots, thigh-high boots... flat, with claws or wedges... there's something for every woman because all types of boots assert a rock look, especially if it's already well mastered in the outfit.

Women's Rock Style: the 7 Must Haves of the Modern Rocker

What beauties! (Image: Pinterest)

Of course, over-the-knee boots are the most feminine and sexy boots. Alternate with pretty boots for an everyday glam rock outfit. The boots can be worn with a pretty rock print t-shirt, slim destroyed jeans, a perfecto and a snood in mid-season or in the evening.

Women's Rock Style: the 7 Must Haves of the Modern Rocker

Magnificent lengthening effect of thigh-high boots - do you dare? (Image: Pinterest)

In summer, light boots enhance a straight or split sheath leather skirt, a flowing black tank top (silk, chiffon) and a light colorful jacket.

7. Leather derbies: a rock alternative with a strong character

In fine weather, derbies replace leather boots. How about a rock print t-shirt worn over slim or straight jeans rolled up to show off your ankles and leather derbies?

Women's Rock Style: the 7 Must Haves of the Modern Rocker

Mastered women's rock look: Miley Cirus validates black derbies! (Image: Pinterest)

Something to be stylish with a touch of rock'n'roll!

The long blazer with leather (or faux leather) insert, rock t-shirt, denim skirt and derbies will make you a true ambassador of glam rock fashion.

Alternate with a pretty pair of black sandals with rock patterns like studs or chains.

Women's Rock Style: the 7 Must Haves in Brief

Rock style in just 8 pieces: now you know it's possible, even for a beginner. The codes of rock style become better and better mastered with practice. In summary, here are the 8 pieces to adopt to succeed in your rock outfits, in total look or with little rock glam chic touches:

  1. The leather perfecto
  2. Printed rock t-shirt for women
  3. The little black dress
  4. Slim or skinny jeans
  5. The long blazer
  6. The snood
  7. Leather boots
  8. Derbies

Quality! A single piece of high quality is enough to suggest the rock look.

Did you like this article?

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    Merci pour cet article c’est top comme résumé. Puis les images donnent bien envie :)

    Si je peux rajouter une petite astuce supplémentaire, il y a les accessoires de cheveux qui offrent aussi une touche de rock dans le look :

    Bonne continuation :)

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