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Style Rock Féminin et Masculin: Quel Rockeur Êtes-Vous ?

Feminine and Masculine Rock Style: Which Rocker Are You?

Découvrez votre style rock avec l’article “Style Rock Féminin et Masculin : Quel Rockeur Êtes-Vous ?”. Que vous soyez fan du rockabilly des années 50, du glam rock extravagant, ou que vous cherchiez à créer votre propre look rock, cet article est fait pour vous. Des perfectos noirs aux jeans skinny, découvrez les pièces incontournables pour exprimer votre côté rock’n’roll. Alors, prêt à trouver votre style rock ? 🎸

You fall for the rock fashion worn by the stars. But on you, it's a hassle. Your rock look isn't daring enough. Or perhaps you fall into the fashion faux pas , the too much or the has-been ? Rock fashion has its own codes. A feminine or masculine rock look is built around essential pieces , iconic accessories and a free and rebellious spirit specific to rock'n'roll . Because you don't want a too clean rock look , nor don't want to sport a KISS look at the office , follow the guide to learn how to create your own rock style.

Feminine and Masculine Rock Style: Which Rocker Are You?

Rock style: a powerful identity

Rock style has nothing to do with other fashions of clothing. Because your rock look sends a strong message about you, your state of mind and your commitments.

Where does the spirit of rock come from?

Built on American rock'n'roll from the 1940's which mixes rhythm and blues and country, rock conquered Europe in the 1950's when young people took it up to protest against the narrow social straitjacket.

But Bob Dylan goes further. His music engages in political and social struggles to convey his new vision of the world. Success is global.

And rock fashion in all this?

In the 1960s, rock became a real movement. Rock icons structure their look to better embody their music, like the Beatles, Alice Cooper, the Rolling Stones, Elvis and Pink Floyd.

At the beginning, the rock style diverted the strong pieces from the working, military and biker wardrobe . Hence the Dr. Martens, the Schott Perfecto, the blue jeans and the t-shirt. Little by little, the stars are adapting it to their spectacular shows. Women are taking these oversized masculine pieces and mixing them with tight cuts and materials like leather for a sexy, deceptively neglected effect.

A rock style apart: rockabilly

Rockabilly is a branch of original American rock'n'roll. Rockabilly fashion takes the codes of American pop culture from the 1950s and mixes them with rock.

On the feminine side, rockabilly fashion draws on the codes of the sexy pin-up made up with eyeliner and flashy lipstick who wears pep toe pumps or sandals. The new rock thing is tattoos and certain prints in gothic fashion.

On the male side, the rockabilly man wears his hair in a wax quiff, wears a shirt with an open collar on a black skull belt. His jeans have a wide cuff to show off his Creepers, Jam Shoes or other vintage shoes.

Rock style today

In the 1990's, Kate Moss revisited rock style with contemporary fashion. The essentials remain, but the rock style is expanding to be worn by all types of fashion victims, even at the office and even after 50 years.

Compose your feminine rock style

1. Master the basics

Feminine and Masculine Rock Style: Which Rocker Are You?

A classy and effective feminine rock look for everyday life (source: Pinterest)

The choice is vast in women's rock fashion . So vast that it's easy to get lost. Tip #1: choose iconic pieces in an essential rock style material: leather . Among the safe bets , invest in a fitted leather perfecto, a leather slim fit or studded leather boots.

But beware !

Don't wear them all at once. That would really be too much!

Rock style is a matter of dosage, allure and practicality. Because who would be credible as a hyper-sophisticated bad ass?!

    Your rock look is built around a single strong piece (or even two when you become the popess of rock fashion) enriched with secondary elements. So, a perfecto jacket alone is not enough to qualify an outfit as rock. And tiny rock accessories are clearly insufficient.

    Here are the 7 essential rock pieces to have in your wardrobe to create killer rock outfits .

    2. Refine your rock style

    Feminine and Masculine Rock Style: Which Rocker Are You?

    Red leather perfecto + ACDC t-shirt + ripped slim fit = rock style already well mastered! (Source: Pinterest)

    Rock fashion for women comes in several variations: practical biker rock , sophisticated glam rock , gothic, metal, soft rock (to wear everywhere, at the office or in the evening). Or a mix of all that!

    The secret lies in the detail, the cut and the materials. Are you more of a rock sweatshirt or a black lace rock t-shirt ? Wide washed ripped jeans or slim black leather jeans? Dr. Martens or pep toe pumps?

    women's rock crop top CLOOK - rock t-shirt

    Loose rock crop top 100% organic cotton - CLOOK

    However, one does not prevent the other. The rock sweatshirt worn over slim black leather with a pretty pair of pumps can be a great effect. Likewise, ripped faded jeans can work very well in contrast with a chic lace rock t-shirt and a pair of leather high heels.

    Experiment and combine your favorite fashion influences to create your own unique rock look .

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    What you need to know about rock style for men

    Feminine and Masculine Rock Style: Which Rocker Are You?

    The everyday rock look for men is resolutely modern and stripped down. The rock style should be noticeable in just 4 pieces:

    1. A plain or printed rock t-shirt with a characteristic cut or a rock shirt;
    2. A leather perfecto or a rock sweatshirt or a jacket in a structuring material;
    3. Workwear blue jeans;
    4. Leather boots or industrial worker-style shoes.

    Discover the details required for each of these essential pieces in this special men's rock fashion article .

    Did you like this article on rock style?

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