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Style Rock Homme: 4 Styles Phares pour Trouver Son Look

Men's Rock Style: 4 Key Styles to Find Your Look

Découvrez 4 styles phares pour trouver votre look rock idéal :

  • Style rock motard : veste en cuir vintage, t-shirt simple, jean slim et boots en cuir.
  • Style rock américain des années 50 : t-shirt blanc, blouson en cuir, jean brut et baskets.
  • Style rock anglais : costume cintré, cravate fine, pantalon skinny et chemise claire.
  • Style rock grunge : jean déchiré, t-shirt imprimé, chemise à carreaux et baskets usées.

Ces styles ne sont pas juste des vêtements, ils incarnent un état d’esprit. Prêt à rocker ? 🤘

Let's lay the foundations from the start: there is not ONE rock style but several rock clothing styles for men . Being a rocker means having your hair blowing in the wind like Kurt Cobain or super-coiffed like Elvis , showing off in a rock biker look on a Harley with a leather jacket , leather boots and metal chains , but also releasing solos of legendary guitar in black skinny jeans and big Slash hat. Or even show off your tattoos on your muscular biceps and wear a big silver ring on each finger... The rock'n'roll style is all of that at the same time. But it's much more than just clothes and accessories: it's a free state of mind , a rebellious soul , a notorious non-conformism . Here are the 4 major rock style trends to draw inspiration from and mix and match pieces to define your own rock style for men .

1. Men's rock'n'roll biker style

Unmissable, the biker rock style consists of a big matte leather jacket, which seems to already have thousands of terminals on the clock, customized vintage to be credible as a tough and cool badass at the same time.

Men's Rock Style: 4 Key Styles to Find Your Look

Photo: senivpetro

To complete the outfit, we of course have a pair of brown or black leather boots in the same style, a simple white or black t-shirt and slim or skinny blue, gray or black denim jeans. Other variations: the polo shirt or the long-sleeved t-shirt. Without forgetting the Harley, or other big black engine (that works too).

Men's Rock Style: 4 Key Styles to Find Your Look

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In a rock chic version, swap the t-shirt for a beautiful, slightly fitted black shirt for an elegant and mysterious rocker look.

In winter, add a hoodie-type sweatshirt or a dark-colored sweater in thick knit, with a round neck or turtleneck.

In terms of looks, a modern cut with mid-length hair matched with a well-groomed beard gives a downright hot look.

Men's Rock Style: 4 Key Styles to Find Your Look
Photo: senivpetro

2. 50s style American rock man

The icon of American rock style of the 50s is undoubtedly James Dean. It's THE casual style of the rebellious guy who doesn't care about his look. He grabs whatever he can get his hands on in the morning and it looks amazing!

Men's Rock Style: 4 Key Styles to Find Your Look

James Dean, the icon of American 50s rock style

A simple (but quality!) white t-shirt with the sleeves rolled up, a leather jacket, a pair of raw worker's jeans, a pair of sneakers or leather Chelsea boots that have been around and you're transformed into a guy who traces his road, serene, who doesn't care about the opinions of others.

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3. English rock style for men

Essential when we talk about English rock style, we of course think of the Beatles who launched the trend of the fitted suit, with or without a jacket, and the thin tie. Skinny pants from the 50s or bell bottoms typical of the Seventies, you have the choice of variation (but straight or skinny pants will really show you off better).

Men's Rock Style: 4 Key Styles to Find Your Look

Dandy, elegant, ranging from classic black to more daring colors, materials and patterns, this English rock style is accompanied by a mustache and long hair (easier to wear than the bowl cut, very risky).

For a modern look, wear the fitted suit with a fitted blazer jacket and a plain or printed t-shirt, a symbol of "coolness" which sets off the suit. And without a tie!

Alternative to the suit jacket: the cardigan. For a smart, casual look, leave the first and last two buttons of your fine knit cardigan open. Style guaranteed!

Men's Rock Style: 4 Key Styles to Find Your Look

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4. Style Sex, Drugs and Rock'n'Roll

Some huge rock stars, who have big successes on stage, have difficulty coming down from their parties and stay high all day. Very charismatic and party animals, these rock stars also have a dark side. Alternating depression and intense inspiration, the misunderstood rocker often displays a very flashy style, mixing several key pieces.

It is for example the incomparable styles of Guns N' Roses, Kurt Cobain, David Bowie, the Stones, Jimi Hendrix or even Aerosmith at the height of their glory.

Men's Rock Style: 4 Key Styles to Find Your Look

Who can boast of being confident in a look like this without being called Kurt Cobain? (Image: Vogue on Pinterest)

You would have suspected: this style is very complicated to wear every day without falling into ridicule. Attention...

Did you like these 4 masculine rock styles?

More than looks, these rock styles have one thing in common: they are not just clothes, accessories and motorcycles. Above all, you must embody the state of mind, freedom, j'menfoutisme and display your personality in these outfits.

Act like a rocker and the style will follow naturally. If you don't yet have the soul of a rebel, it's time to cultivate it (and we'll see how to do it in a future article).

Without the rocker demeanor, you'll just look like a fake, a guy in disguise trying to "fit in" with a movement that doesn't look like him. That's ridiculous!

If you're not yet a bit of a crazy rocker, that's okay. You can already add one of the 6 key pieces of rock style for men to your everyday outfits.

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