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T-Shirt Rock Femme: 5 Tendances Automne Hiver 2023-2024

Women's Rock T-Shirt: 5 Fall Winter 2023-2024 Trends

The rock t-shirt for women is more than ever at the heart of rock fashion this fall/winter 2023-2024 season. An iconic piece of women's rock style, the rock t-shirt is the ideal casual piece to break up the sophistication of chic and classic pieces at the top of this season's trends. Subverting, breaking the codes, rebelling against traditions: that's the state of mind of a rocker, isn't it? Your mission, if you accept it: to divert 3 fashion trends from this winter. Here we go for some amazing look ideas.

1. Tiles

A must-have in women's rock fashion is of course the Scottish tartan, strongly brought up to date thanks to the cult series Outlander . In a skirt, pants or shirt, the famous check on a red background reigns supreme.

Women's Rock T-Shirt: 5 Fall Winter 2020-2021 Trends

(Photo: Nordstrom on Pinterest)

The return of check prints

But this season, other check prints overshadow it. The check is worn in a standard mini black and white or houndstooth version. But also in a maxi version with the Prince of Wales pattern characterized by a weft of several very fine lines, on a dark background such as gray, navy blue or pine green.

The novelty this fall is undoubtedly the feminine masculine suit, that is to say straight, in soft material, with Nineties shoulder pads and high-waisted, belted pants.

Women's Rock T-Shirt: 5 Fall Winter 2020-2021 Trends

(Photo: on Pinterest)

Too classic for a rocker, you say?

How to wear the check trend in rock fashion?

Of course ! This is where the rock t-shirt comes in to relax this preppy look, mix clothing styles and bring the rebellious twist into a deceptively demure look. A leather bag and black leather wedge boots will complete this iconic piece of women's wardrobe. We also roll up the sleeves and the bottom of the pants for a dynamic look and show off your rock bracelets and black mesh socks.

Women's Rock T-Shirt: 5 Fall Winter 2020-2021 Trends

(Photo: Silvia Trevina on Pinterest)

Be careful with tweed: this very thick checked material widens your build and risks aging you if it is poorly matched. It is therefore not recommended for everyone.

2. The floral print

Women's Rock T-Shirt: 5 Fall Winter 2020-2021 Trends

(Photo: Natisha Na Moda on Pinterest)

This season again, the floral print comes in rock mode for a touch of romanticism. If you also find the piece that combines the floral pattern with ruffles, you are 100% trendy!

Women's Rock T-Shirt: 5 Fall Winter 2020-2021 Trends

Women's loose rock crop top 100% ORGANIC cotton - CLOOK

Small or large flowers that are a bit demure are diverted with leather, metal, fishnet... You shouldn't get rid of them either!

3. Leather

Perfecto, Dr Martens, leather boots, leather pants, faux leather skirt: these rock wardrobe essentials are safe values ​​for a rocker.

Women's Rock T-Shirt: 5 Fall Winter 2020-2021 Trends

(Photo: Hide and Seek on Pinterest)

As for something new, leather is being worn in maxi sizes this season. Long leather trench coat, down to the ankles and long leather coat are the stars of rock winter. If you also find the key piece like this sublime cape that combines leather and fringes, you are the new rock fashion goddess to follow! Besides, we would really like photos... These strong pieces represent an investment, it's true. But they make you look crazy from the first glance.

Women's Rock T-Shirt: 5 Fall Winter 2020-2021 Trends

(Photo: Pull&Bear on Pinterest)

As for leather or faux leather pants, adopt the trendy cuts, namely the cigarette cut belted high at the waist or the super tight slim faux leather which slims your legs to the extreme. More surprising, the straight pants in soft faux leather.

Women's Rock T-Shirt: 5 Fall Winter 2020-2021 Trends

(Photo: seen on )

The rock t-shirt contrasts the smooth and sophisticated material of shiny leather, especially if it is new or very well maintained. Your rock print t-shirt brings a casual, relaxed or even downright grunge touch.

Women's Rock T-Shirt: 5 Fall Winter 2020-2021 Trends

Women's rock t-shirt "ROCK LIVE MUSIC" 100% ORGANIC cotton - CLOOK

4. Velvet

If there's one rock star who's mastered velvet, it's Angus Young. The famous ACDC guitarist has long relied on a velvet suit for the group's concerts. We imitate him without hesitation.

Women's Rock T-Shirt: 5 Fall Winter 2020-2021 Trends

Photo: Stradivarius on Pinterest

The blazer is chosen straight and long to cover the hips and break the preppy job interview codes. In terms of colors, choose dark velvet (black, purple, green, navy blue).

women's rock t-shirt ROCK MUSIC 100% organic cotton - CLOOK - women's rock fashion

Women's rock t-shirt "ROCK MUSIC" 100% ORGANIC cotton - CLOOK

Below, what could be better than a rock t-shirt to proclaim your love of this musical style while downgrading this rich and shiny material that is velvet? The rock t-shirt, always tucked into your shorts, skirt or pants, contrasts wonderfully with its touch of rebellious rocker look.

5. Leopard print

Leopard print no longer has anything to prove in rock fashion. But it's good to know that he persists and signs again this season. So if you have adopted the trend for a few seasons, you have had some flair! Otherwise, run quickly and buy a leopard print piece.

Women's Rock T-Shirt: 5 Fall Winter 2020-2021 Trends

(Photo: Calzedonia on Pinterest)

Leopard blazer, leopard sneakers, leopard belt or even leopard tights... It's a real must-have in women's fashion, especially for rockers worthy of the name - but a bit sophisticated depending on the occasion.

Women's Rock T-Shirt: 5 Fall Winter 2020-2021 Trends

Women's rock t-shirt MUSIC 100% cotton - CLOOK

The message rock t-shirt tempers this intense wild pattern with its simple and comfortable cut.

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Velvet blazer, floral print, fringed leather, leopard pattern or check trend, the women's rock t-shirt goes with all trends to temper them, shift them or enhance them with its timeless, casual, grunge or sophisticated style. Discover the collection of rock t-shirts for women by CLOOK to create new rocker looks. In addition, they are 100% organic cotton, ethical and eco-responsible !

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