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Sweat à Capuche Rock: 6 Looks pour Homme avec un Hoodie

Rock Hoodie: 6 Looks for Men with a Hoodie

The hoodie is a must-have in men's wardrobe . Casual, casual and comfortable, the hooded sweatshirt (also called a hoodie by the Americans) can be worn open or closed depending on the season, the location and the rock style desired. However, a poorly cut hoodie risks making you look like a big retard when it comes to clothing style . How to wear a hoodie correctly to be a credible rocker? Let's see right away 6 rock looks for men with a hooded sweatshirt.

1. Casual basic rock style

Take James Dean's American rock style and add a hoodie for a rock and casual winter look. James Dean is the absolute icon of the rocker who doesn't care what others think about his outfit.

Rock Hoodie: 6 Looks for Men with a Hoodie

Classy, ​​relaxed and confident: the serene rocker (photo: katemangostar )

Concretely, the basic casual look consists of a simple t-shirt, faded work-style jeans, white sneakers or brown Chealsea Boots that have been worn a little and a simple gray or navy blue hoodie.

Please note: simple does not mean ugly. The hoodie structures your look at the top of the body. So choose a fitted cut (and not XXL!) in a thick, fleecy and warm material that does not lose its shape after the first wash.

Rock Hoodie: 6 Looks for Men with a Hoodie

Thick navy blue rock hoodie with organic cotton fleece - CLOOK

Worn open, the hoodie shows the t-shirt which should not be tight, rather fitted and slightly loose. Choose a plain white t-shirt or a rock pattern.

Rock Hoodie: 6 Looks for Men with a Hoodie

Rock Live Music t-shirt in organic cotton - CLOOK

2. Rock casual chic with a hoodie

To elevate the style while remaining a casual, classy and mysterious rocker, take the previous style by adding a fine leather jacket for a streetwear touch.

Wear the leather jacket and gray or black hoodie open over a fitted (but again not tight-fitting) short-sleeved or long-sleeved printed t-shirt.

Rock Hoodie: 6 Looks for Men with a Hoodie

Gray thick zipped rock hoodie with organic cotton fleece - CLOOK

This layering game adds style to your rocker look and broadens your frame while you grow taller.

Rock Hoodie: 6 Looks for Men with a Hoodie

Vintage rock t-shirt in organic cotton - CLOOK

3. Casual dandy rock style

The hoodie is there for a rock look between nonchalance and sophistication. The hoodie is layered over a simple rock t-shirt and given a blue or black denim jean jacket on top.

At the bottom, chino pants rolled up at the ankles reveal magnificent shiny black boots with or without rock details (metal buckles, metal studs, etc.).

Mediator vintage rock t-shirt in organic cotton - CLOOK - eshop men's rock t-shirt

Mediator vintage rock t-shirt in organic cotton - CLOOK

4. Stylish look for sporty rocker

A key piece of the sportswear wardrobe, the hooded sweatshirt has never gone out of fashion in the world of sport, particularly boxing where Mohamed Ali gave it great hours of glory. Let's get back to the rocker in action. A rocker always displays his musical tastes with style in every place and in all circumstances. Even in sports, whether boxing, football, running, and even work out!

Rock Hoodie: 6 Looks for Men with a Hoodie

Gray rock hoodie fine and soft zipped jacket for mid-season - CLOOK

The hoodie is your best ally for gradually warming up thanks to its freedom of movement. Right after training, it prevents you from catching a cold. Comfortable, practical and thick, opt for a hooded sweatshirt that opens with a front zip to always be comfortable. Plus, it gives you a LOT more style than just a run-of-the-mill sweatshirt.

Rock Hoodie: 6 Looks for Men with a Hoodie

Organic cotton electric guitar rock t-shirt - CLOOK

Your sports outfit consists of a simple rock t-shirt, sports pants that tighten at the ankles (tracksuit or jogging pants) and comfortable black sports sneakers.

5. Sexy Bad Boy Rocker

The sexy bad boy rocker plays on mystery and distance to reinforce his magnetic charisma. A false nonchalance suits this state of mind perfectly. Once again, the hoodie is there in this urban rock style!

Rock Hoodie: 6 Looks for Men with a Hoodie

Perfect sexy bad boy rocker look (adventure bag optional!) (photo: svetlanakolova )

What really highlights our rocker, while remaining casual, is a dark gray heather hooded sweatshirt worn open over a neutral t-shirt and straight or slim fit dark blue raw denim jeans. A beautiful pair of black Chelsea boots and he's more classy and proud than ever!

6. Rocker Biker Chic

The pinnacle of masculine rock style is the sexy chic bad boy biker rocker (yes, that exists!). This rocker really doesn't joke with the style, the quality of his clothes and that of the rock he listens to.

Rock Hoodie: 6 Looks for Men with a Hoodie

Stylish and relaxed biker, is it possible? Yes in a hoodie! (photo: katemangostar )

At the same time relaxed, casual, virile, classy and confident, this extraordinary rocker is illustrated by a high-quality leather jacket, whether it is a perfecto fit, a biker jacket in thick aged leather or a bomber jacket that displays flight hours on the meter.

The fitted hoodie open to the middle of the torso reveals a long or short sleeved t-shirt (depending on the season). The hoodie relaxes the iconic piece that is the leather jacket. The two complement each other wonderfully - for a totally successful mix of styles.

To finish the outfit, nothing better than real raw jeans in dark denim (navy blue, black or gray) cut straight or slim.

And finally, a pair of leather boots in the same color as the belt and the leather jacket (style is in the details).

Did you like this article?

Did you doubt that the hoodie could act as a chameleon among the different men's rock styles? From now on, you know that this essential piece of sports wardrobe goes wonderfully with iconic rock clothes, giving them its casual touch.

Prefer fit hoodies (and not oversize), with a thick drawstring, large side pockets and a zipper that you avoid going all the way up to risk appearing "stuck".

Above all, play with the superposition of different layers of clothing to flesh out your build and make you look bigger.

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