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Style Vestimentaire Rock Femme: 7 Tendances Rock

Women's Rock Clothing Style: 7 Rock Trends

Having a rock look for a woman , what does that mean? The feminine rock'n'roll look covers several rocker clothing styles which of course correspond to different musical trends in rock . But dressing rock goes way beyond the outfit and your taste in rock music. A rock outfit represents your personality , your character, your way of being and thinking. From the "basic" rock style to the most elaborate outfits, find out what your rock clothing style is for women among these 6 major trends in rock .

1. Rock look

Let's start with the basics: rock style or rock chic if you add jewelry, heels and tight clothing. Rock style for women contains 7 must-haves that every rocker worthy of the name has in her wardrobe. The leather perfecto or biker jacket is of course a must-have. Just like the rock t-shirt, printed with the image of a group or with a rock motif.

Women's Rock Clothing Style: 7 Rock Trends

Women's rock clothing style (image: Pinterest)

As for colors, know that you will never make a mistake by wearing black, white and gray together. Or just black to start if the other two shades don't inspire you.

Rock Music t-shirt 100% organic cotton - CLOOK - eshop women's rock t-shirt

Rock Music t-shirt 100% organic cotton for women - CLOOK

You know the basics, let's move on to more complex rock styles.

2. Dress Glam Rock or Glitter Rock

Believing that rock is aging and losing its spontaneity in a sophisticated sound, glam rock advocates a return to simplicity. This musical style emerged in 1971 in England and died out in 1975, foreshadowing the punk movement. But its influence lasted until the 1980s.

Eccentric outfits, rain of rhinestones and sequins (even among men of whom David Bowie is one of the icons), high-heeled boots, flashy makeup, claim to androgynous character and bisexuality: glam rock strikes a big blow in ambient puritanism.

Today, "glam rock" corresponds to "rock chic" in women's fashion. Elegant and versatile, it combines rock, chic and glamour. It's the basic rock style feminized in a sexy version.

Women's Rock Clothing Style: 7 Rock Trends

Current Glam Rock style (photo: Pinterest)

Favor new pieces, very shiny, polished and varnished with small shiny elements such as the snaps of the perfecto, the imitation leather of the slim, a pretty neckline, shiny black pumps, a line of black eyeliner, a flawless complexion and a glamorous red mouth.

Rock Star t-shirt 100% organic cotton for women - CLOOK - eshop women's rock t-shirt

Rock Star t-shirt 100% organic cotton for women - CLOOK

3. Rockabilly Dress Style

Clothing style associated with American country folk of the 1950s who created this musical style of which rock refers to popular culture. The two main topics are cars and romantic relationships.

Casual rockabilly

Take inspiration from the vintage outfits of small-town American women after the war: a bandana tied in perfectly wavy/spiked hair, you put on a man's plaid shirt with sleeves rolled up to the elbows, and tight, high-waisted jeans which goes down to the ankles. In summer, dress in a chic t-shirt and shorts that reveal the thighs (the only exception for modesty). A chic and practical working rocker look.

Women's Rock Clothing Style: 7 Rock Trends

Rockabilly Voice t-shirt 100% organic cotton for women - CLOOK

Rockabilly chic

A chic version, the rockabilly outfit consists of a backless or wrap dress tied at the neck highlighting a not too plunging sweetheart neckline. The waist is high, fitted and marked with a belt. The long skirt is flared, sometimes lined with a voluminous tulle petticoat which protrudes under the fabric of the midi-length skirt (below the knees).

Women's Rock Clothing Style: 7 Rock Trends

Rock rockabilly clothing style (photo: Pinterest)

Original patterns adorn shirts, t-shirts, skirts and dresses: polka dot, cherry, gingham, tropical prints, without forgetting the skull pattern.

Rockabilly shoes

As for shoes, strappy pumps make it easy to dance. A pair of black heels and another red pair match your outfit or match your lipstick. In summer, open toe pumps add a sexy touch. In a flat version, derbies, moccasins and ballerinas are perfect, with or without socks.

Rockabilly hair and makeup

Take inspiration from 1940s hairstyles like Betty Page: high ponytail twisted with a curling iron, crimped bangs tied close to the elastic in pure Pompadour style for long hair or curly ends on short hair like Rizzo in Grease.

The makeup is characteristic: the doe eye is outlined with a line of liquid black eyeliner and the mouth is lined with matte velvet red lipstick.

4. Punk rock outfit

The punk style appeared with English rock in 1977 which advocated the reversal of the values ​​and dress codes of the hippie movement. Hence the flashy colors, colorful crests, urban style, pessimism, self-contempt, synthetic textiles (nylon, vinyl, plastic), flashy prints (lamé, leopard, tartan) and flashy colors.

Women's Rock Clothing Style: 7 Rock Trends

Anna Ewers, top model and Punk princess styled by Christianne App (image: Pinterest)

The rock badge and the rock t-shirt, two rock style icons, adapt to the punk trend with images, colors or the logo of punk groups. The suspenders are worn hanging on the pants. All the metal elements of everyday life are turned into accessories (nails, chains, padlock handcuffs, safety pins, zippers, razor blades). Even dog leashes and collars.

Women's Rock Clothing Style: 7 Rock Trends

Rock punk MUSIC t-shirt 100% organic cotton for women - CLOOK (also available in white and fuchsia)

Today, punk fashion keeps the tousled hairstyle, more elaborate than it appears, the gaudy makeup and the flashy colors. But the style is more worked, more refined. The punk rock look adopts catwalk trends, like check this fall/winter, but gives it a punk twist with flashy colors or uses it as a yoke.

5. Heavy Metal Look

Heavy and thick sounds, a musical style centered on the impulses of the drums and the highly amplified distortion guitar, heavy metal was born in the 60s and became popular in different subgenres in the 1970s.

In terms of looks, the feminine metalhead style is characterized by long, straight hair, often dark or flashy colored, a very pale complexion and dark makeup (smoky eyes, purple or black lipstick, black nail polish). The perfecto or the long leather coat are essential. Black accessories with studs and chains are more than recommended (necklaces, bracelets, rings).

Women's Rock Clothing Style: 7 Rock Trends

Heavy metal rock clothing style for women (Photo: Laura Likbør on Pinterest)

The female heavy metal clothing style most often includes relatively sexy, close-fitting pieces that reveal the shapes. These are for example tank tops, fitted t-shirts, slim or skinny jeans. These clothes contrast with heavy pieces like Dr. Martens or knee-high boots and the knee-length or ankle-length coat.

Women's Rock Clothing Style: 7 Rock Trends

Heavy metal t-shirt for women ROCK MUSIC - CLOOK

Black, gray, khaki, plain, patterned, printed with the image of one or more groups, stitched with badges, studded... the heavy metal style plays with the codes of the genre for quality, evolving pieces, personalize according to your tastes over time.

6. Grunge Dress Style

The grunge style is inspired by heavy metal, hardcore punk and indie rock. In the music, heavily saturated guitars accompany lyrics often dealing with existential anxieties.

When it comes to the feminine grunge look, the watchword is economical eclecticism. The contrast of styles reigns supreme in this unique style of clothing where the pieces are often found second hand in second-hand stores. Indeed, grunge avoids new pieces in favor of vintage clothing, which has experience and which shows it with a patina, scratches, tears, etc.

Women's Rock Clothing Style: 7 Rock Trends

Grunge women's clothing style (photo: Pinterest)

Tights and ripped slim jeans are therefore essential, as are heavy boots, Doc Martens, retro clothing and accessories like overalls, large skull patterns, corduroy (which is making a comeback, but not new, be careful!) , round tinted glasses, badges, high socks, chokers.

Women's Rock Clothing Style: 7 Rock Trends

Crop top Rock Grunge LOVE MUSIC worn look - CLOOK (also available in gray crop top and in t-shirt cut)

Hair and makeup must appear sloppy, hastily done in pure j'menfoutiste style (whether it's sloppy or you spend hours on it). Dark or flashy shades on the eyes and mouth, the most natural complexion possible.

7. Gothic rock style

A musical subgenre of post-punk that emerged at the end of the 1970s in England, the gothic rock style also borrows codes from the glam rock style by accentuating the theatrical side.

The Gothic clothing style is worked down to the smallest details. Taking up the codes of hard rock aesthetics, the gothic look adds more or less macabre black or silver accessories, religious symbols, roses with thorns, black pearls and asymmetrical clothing cuts (tank tops, skirt). The skirt is short, sometimes displaying black lace, puffed up by a tulle petticoat in a dark baby doll style.

Women's Rock Clothing Style: 7 Rock Trends

Gothic clothing style (Photo: Pinterest)

The centerpiece of a feminine Gothic outfit is undoubtedly the corset. Simple or worked with embroidery, lace or even brocade, the corset is worn visible over clothing. Its sexy lacing and silver hooks harmonize with jewelry (rings, necklaces, earrings and other piercings).

Women's Rock Clothing Style: 7 Rock Trends

Gothic rock t-shirt ROCK LIVE MUSIC 100% organic cotton for women - CLOOK (also available in white and fuchsia)

The corset can have straight straps, tie at the neck in a backless shape or form a bustier. It can also be transformed into clothing with puffed sleeves or a blazer collar. The corset can make way for the corset to refine the waist without supporting the chest.

Rock clothing style: was this article useful to you?

Have you found the feminine rock clothing style that suits you? Of course, the pure look is not necessarily easy to wear to work or to your place of study. You can still personalize your outfits with small accessories like jewelry.

In rock, your look is not just a style of clothing: it is much more than that. Your outfits embody your musical tastes of course, but also your state of mind, your way of acting and thinking.

By choosing a rock clothing style, you bring to life a musical movement which has its own political, social, cultural codes, etc. So don't be surprised to be "categorized" by those who don't dress rock, but also by other rock trends.

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