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Vêtement Éthique Rock: Responsable is the New Sexy

Ethical Rock Clothing: Responsible is the New Sexy

Are you looking for an ethical and responsible clothing brand to have fun with rock fashion in a way other than the traditional "buy, wear, throw away"?

Your decision is made: stop fattening up fast fashion , stop shopping for low-cost clothes that become deformed after the first wash. You won't be fooled again! You are a 21st century rocker or rocker who cares about the quality of their clothes to create a rock style worthy of your personality . However, dressing well has become a militant act towards humans and the planet.

Moby, Massive Attack, Radiohead, Bono from U2 and his brand EDUN, Neil Young, Perl Jam, REM... Do you also join the list of committed rock icons who loudly embrace their ethical and eco-responsible convictions?

Ethical Rock Clothing: Responsible is the New Sexy

Committed rocker, it’s possible (Photo: rawpixel on Freepik)

Ethical rock clothing: dare to be avant-garde

There are many challenges in ethical rock fashion: human friendly, cruelty free, vegan, eco-friendly, upcycling, organic farming, top quality, impeccable cut... Making 100% clean clothing is a real challenge. In addition, few ethical rock brands offer clothing with a nice design and an affordable price .

The false good idea? Turn to the big international brands who are trying to convince you of their sudden awareness while continuing their traditional method of manufacturing leading to pollution and underpaid work. Greenwashing assured!

So what to do?

Eco-responsible rock fashion: migrating to alternative rock fashion when you don't know anything about it

Of course, there are second-hand vintage items to be found in thrift stores. There are sometimes good deals there. But it must be recognized that the luck/time ratio rarely pays off.

If you don't have time to waste to structure your new rock green style right now, think about small independent rock fashion brands focused on the quality of the material, the durability of timeless pieces, people and the planet.

I'm Bruno, the founder of CLOOK . This young ethical rock fashion brand for men and women is:

  • the story of my awareness of the disastrous impact of the textile industry on Man and the Earth;
  • my little stone in the building to (a little) contribute to change while dressing rock'n'roll;
  • a long fight to show that quality, human and planet-friendly rock clothing exists!

CLOOK: fashion for daring rockers

You certainly don't lack boldness to want to display your musical tastes and your civic commitments on one and the same item of clothing.

Without any tongue-in-cheek, let’s now address the central question: how are CLOOK rock clothing made?

women's rock t-shirt, eco-responsible ethical organic cotton - CLOOK - women's rock fashion eshop

Women's Rock T-shirt "Music Connect People" 100% Organic Cotton

All CLOOK t-shirts are made from 100% thick organic cotton . As for the zipped sweatshirts and hooded sweatshirts, they contain a mixture of organic cotton and polyester fibers recycled in the circular economy.

So, a 100% cotton CLOOK t-shirt is:

  • maximum freedom of movement , even in the middle of a rock concert ;
  • an easy-to-maintain and durable material, which resists machine washes and wear and tear over time;
  • a timeless garment that adapts to your casual or sophisticated looks.

men's organic cotton rock t-shirt - CLOOk - men's rock fashion online store

Concretely :

  • Softness and comfort : organic spun and combed cotton;
  • Durability : thick weight of 200 g/m² (versus 20 to 150 g/m² for low-end t-shirts);
  • Natural material : GMO-free, chemical-free (neither fertilizers nor pesticides), dye without toxic substances;
  • Certifications and labels : GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), OCS Blended, OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and PETA (vegan);
  • Traceability : premium quality organic cotton is grown organically, harvested and then transformed into clothing in Bangladesh with a view to short supply chains;
  • Respect for Human Rights for the 19 people working in Bangladesh: their decent working conditions and fair remuneration are regularly monitored by the Fair Wear Foundation;
  • Eco-friendly printing : soft pattern printed on the heart of the cotton fiber with environmentally friendly ink.

men's zipped rock sweatshirt - ethical rock fashion - CLOOK - eco-responsible ethical rock clothing

ROCK Zipped Hooded Sweatshirt in organic cotton and recycled polyester

More than ethical rock clothing: a vision

Now you know that CLOOK clothing is a long-term commitment to people, the planet and Rock'n'Roll! This brand of eco-responsible ethical rock clothing is specially designed for those who are fearless, proudly embrace their values ​​and want to be part of the first rockers to combine ethics and rock.

Discover the collections of t-shirts and sweatshirts in men's rock fashion and women's rock fashion to embody your values ​​by proudly displaying your musical tastes.

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